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October 13, 2013
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+ Lex-Ferenda: Queen Vanhanen + [UNDER REVAMP] by shannaroooooo + Lex-Ferenda: Queen Vanhanen + [UNDER REVAMP] by shannaroooooo
Application Form


Join Ravnclaw~


Because I am fashionably late~ :iconlazeplz:

Do take note that I am not 100% finished. I just felt the need to submit it at least so everything's cool. I rewrote EVERYTHING because I can't seem to satisfy myself, and since I don't have time now, I may re-do a bunch of things again from time to time, etc. Everything will be finalised as soon as I finish the owl. Gosh, I've been on writer's block for a few weeks now or so... I'm sorry for being so iffy with my characters. ;;


|| General Information

ɤ   ›NAME: Queen Vanhanen
ɤ   ›AGE: 17
ɤ   ›HOUSE: Ravenclaw
ɤ   ›BIRTHDAY: October 5th
ɤ   ›HEIGHT / WEIGHT:  172 cm/61 kg


|| School Information

ɤ   ›PET (optional):
:bulletblue: > Name: King
:bulletblue: > Species: Greater Sooty Owl
:bulletblue: > Personality: Gullible || Loyal ||Timid || Observant || Gluttonous || Silly

King and Queen have been together ever since she turned 7. She initially did not need a pet, since she did not see the need to have one, but her mother insisted on having a familiar, and since this particular owl was said to be sharp, they had chosen King. Roy had named the owl as a joke, but Queen did not really care.

Their relationship with each other is on an "it's complicated" stage, as there are times when both are mad at each other, one pisses the other off, and sometimes, both are just sitting side by side, Queen stroking the owl and the owl simply being there, watching as the other reads her book. King, however, despite all the torture and tricks, really does love his owner, and the same goes for Queen. He just likes being playful.

King doesn't really get scared easily. The only thing that he fears is Queen's brother, Roy, who had done something to him in the past. Whenever he hears Roy's name, he would do anything you say as long as he doesn't have to see Roy.

ɤ   ›WAND INGREDIENTS: A hard wand of 11 and a half inches, made out of dragon heartstrings as its core, and walnut as its wood. She fares rather well with most of her subjects, especially with Charms and Transfiguration, but she finds she has difficulty with Potions, and rather than using offensive spells, she'd rather use mental and defensive.


:bulletblue: Finite Incantatem - Counterspell - Counters or cancels a spell as it is being cast.
:bulletblue: Cave Inicum - Fortifying Spell - Used to strengthen an enclosure against intruders; warns castor of any intruding enemies
:bulletblue: Stupefy - Stunning Spell - Temporarily stuns an opponent, rendering them inert for a few precious seconds.
:bulletblue: Reducto - Reductor Curse - Causes a solid object to explode spectacularly.
:bulletblue: Rennervate - A moderately complex healing charm, which causes an unconscious subject to awaken.
:bulletblue: Expelliarmus - Disarming Charm - Causes whatever the victim is holding to fly away, and knocks out an opponent if used too forcefully
:bulletblue: Confundo - Confundus Charm - Causes the victim to become easily confused and readily manipulated.
:bulletblue: Revellio - Scarpin's Revelaspell - Analyses the special properties and enchantments affecting a magical item. 

Patronus: Gyrfalcon (still has not mastered the spell atm)

Extra Curricular:
:bulletblue: Ancient Studies
:bulletblue: Hogwarts Orchestra

Elective Classes:
:bulletblack: Care of Magical Creatures
:bulletblack: Alchemy

ɤ   ›VOICE:
:bulletblue: Miku-tan - She's an awesome singer omg. I really like her voice. I also stalked an old VA demo reel of hers and the Homestuck one and her lower range is perfect sdfjlf. I think the Kanaya and Vriska one would be perf. Ugh, she's amazing.


|| Personal Information


:bulletblack: Cold || Blunt || Competitive || Insecure || Silent || Possessive
:bulletblue: Patient || Observant || Witty || Steadfast || Just || Studious || Hard-working
:bulletwhite: Curious || Tactful || Serious || Strategic

At first glance, Queen may not look like a very likable person. At first meeting, she still doesn't seem likable, and she will remain aloof until she deems you trust-worthy enough to be her friend. She is rarely seen with a smile, and she hardly joins in a conversation unless it's related to the magical roots of mandrakes or whether or not the current magical creature currently being debated on should be allowed their rights to walk amongst the wizarding world as their equals, and she will unabashedly state her opinion regarding the matter. In fact, She hardly shows any emotion at all. The only instance when that happens is when her academic performances and grades are in grave jeopardy. Queen hates trivialities, especially when it comes to school-work, and she would lash out, but it's rare that that happens, as most people take one glance at her and immediately know that when it comes to grades, she is not to be messed with. With all that, however, she doesn't mind hearing other people's opinions and would consider them when it seems plausible. She'd rather you be daft but trying than smart but indolent. Her intelligence mostly comes from late-night readings and such, but Her desire to do her best in whatever she does makes her a natural strategist, often coming up with ideas in order to make Ravenclaw grow, stand out, and win.

With friends, however, she would seem less cold. She talks to people she feels comfortable with, sometimes to the point that she would smile at them for a second (or even longer if you're lucky). Though serious with her studies, Queen is not entirely heartless. In fact, when she feels like it, she'll crack up a "joke" or a "funny comment" (mark the quotation marks) with a blank face, which ends up making people stare at her and ask if she was serious. Then, with a straight face, she'd answer a straight, "No." or "It's a joke." and continue on with what she's doing. She does not entirely despise people who lack control either (just make sure it won't affect her academics), as sometimes, the most curious events and information happens unexpectedly during random escapades, though, as much as possible, she makes sure her actions are as disciplined, graceful, and still lady-like. Of course, these pranks or risky ventures must have something vital to give her in return, or else she'll drop you like a hot brick (of course, the case is different when times are absolutely crucial, such as a friend dying, a friend in need, etc.).

Because of the constant competition and criticisms in her family, she felt the need to be strong, and she did succeed in being that, but inside, she is secretly self-conscious. Her cold and frank exterior is half a mask, hiding just the right amount of insecurities she feels whenever she deems her actions wrong. Most of these insecurities come out when she is with her closest friends and family because these are the people that treat her as if she weren't a part of their prized trophies. She feels the need to always please them, that she should always dedicate her time on being with them, and making them feel more like themselves when with her because they make her feel like herself when she is with them. It is extremely difficult for her to do so, as her quiet and strong traits have already gotten in her head as well, and this often makes her feel conflicted. She blames herself sometimes when she feels that small amount of possessiveness in certain circumstances, and she feels equally bad both for being selfish and not being able to express it out loud. 

ɤ   ›HISTORY: DEFINITELY EDITING THIS LATER since I seem to have fucked up the time period.

I'm gonna categorise this, as it's 2 fucking AM and I'm sleepy.

Childhood-Second Year

Queen was the only girl in the family, and she was the middle child. Her parents, Manus and Dalca Vanhanen, were purebloods that prided themselves with achievements, records and high positions in society. She had an older brother, Paras, who had finished his studies in Durmstrung Institute, and a younger, moody brother named Roy. She generally got along with these people, especially with her older brother. He was basically the "sunshine" in their gloomy family, though he did not show it to anyone other than his friends and siblings; the Vanhanen children are known to be reserved and mature after all. Paras was, in front of gossiping relatives and blabbering adults, stoic and polite, merely smiling and nodding at the right time, and joining in intellectual conversations when needed to. Those who truly know him will see huge grins and garner warm hugs from the eldest brother, and they all know how much he wants to be free from the responsibilities given to him by the family. Which was why, during her second year in Hongwarts, right after Paras' graduation  Queen wasn't surprised that he had run away from the responsibility that he hated the most: marrying a girl he did not love. Paras was a very affectionate guy, and this was the last straw. He had taken all his clothes, and left the house without only a "I'm not marrying anyone. I'm done with you all. : P (yes, even the : P was included)" as a message.

Their father was beyond furious. Not only did his eldest son walk away from the things that could have given their family pride, but also, he had humiliated their family by rejecting another family's proposal without even a polite rejection (even if there was one, he still couldn't bring himself to forgive his son). Of course, everyone knew that the girl Paras was to marry was like a sister to both Paras and Queen, and had clearly stated that she did not really want to get married that early as well. Still, infuriated by Manus' eldest son's walk out, the whole family agreed that he was to be disowned if he did not leave a word for a year, and when a year had passed and no word other than a "I'm getting married!" card sent by Paras that was found under Queen's mattress by her mother, Paras Vanhanen received a howler from his infuriated father, stating that he was no longer part of the family.

Now that the eldest brother was gone, they had to rely on the person next in line: Queen.

Second -Third Year
Even before Paras' departure, Queen had been striving to gain her family's admiration. Unlike the eldest, who was given the most attention, and the youngest, who seemed naturally good at everything, Queen had to work hard. She was smart and quick, yes, and her curious and knowledge-hungry mind always was an advantage to her, but she always seemed to be the one always being overlooked, and she hated that. She wasn't the attention-seeking type of person; she merely wanted to be accepted and praised for her hard work, and she knew that in order to do that, she had to work harder. She ignored the comparisons their aunts and uncles did to her and Paras, ignored the small urge to throw Roy outside the window whenever he tells her that he doesn't care about the whatever the family wants from him and that she should just leave him be.

When Paras left, the pressure on Queen was added, and though she was often tired, she never stopped trying to become the "role model". Even though she was chastised often for not being good enough, she did not give up. Emotionally, however, Queen was a mixed wreck. There were times when she felt more and more insecure about herself, often thinking that she was the lesser one, blaming herself for her stupidity and lack of innate intellect and ability. She desired praise and loved even more, and now that the one who willingly gave her confidence in herself was gone, she became even more anxious. At the same time, she built an unbreakable wall around her. She became less friendly to those around her, and she was serious about everything, from her studies to her family. She made sure that no one would be able to see this weakness inside her. The gnawing feeling of anxiety inside her grew, and she was aware of this. She did all her best and came up with the only solution her mind could give her: she would do her best to not feel. She knew she needed to be firm because they were relying on her. Her younger brother was a lazy arse, and the eldest was gone. They needed her to be resolute, and in order to do so, she needed to get rid of her weakness. And she did succeed; she became the cold and silent Queen, who constantly denied companionship, as she knew that personal desires should be kept behind and that her success would always go first.

Fourth Year 'til Present



+ Books
+ Data
+ New discoveries
+ Innovation
+ Classical music
+ Magical history
+ Muggle history
+ Democracy
+ Mortimer What secret are you talking about--

- Unfinished works
- Cooking
- Dull moments
- Tyranny
- Holier-than-thou attitudes
- Laziness

ɤ   ›FAMILY:
:bulletblack: Manus Vanhanen - Father (55) 
:bulletblack: Dalca Vanhanen - Mother (52) 
:bulletblack: Paras Vanhanen - Eldest Brother (26) 
:bulletblack: Roy Vanhanen - Youngest Brother (13)



:bulletblue: Clothing: She doesn't wear skirts or anything higher than two inches PLEASE IGNORE THE APP OK, and she greatly disapproves of wearing anything revealing. You'll just have to force her.
:bulletblack: Music: Queen has grown to love the old muggle classics, such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and other famous classical musicians due to her brother 'stealing' both she and Roy for a day or two every time he received word that their parents were out for business or pleasure or whichever. She loves classical music a lot. In fact, it's the only thing she listens to when she has the chance. Slow music in general is okay with her, but she does not really like loud, rock and modern music.
:bulletblue: Instrument: She plays the piano as her main instrument, and the cello as her secondary. She knows some of the basics of the violin and guitar, but she was no expert at it.
:bulletblack: Art: She sucks at art. Period.
:bulletblue: Initial school - Initially, her mother had wanted her to go to  Beauxbatons, where she knows (or rather, thinks) that her daughter will be safe and taught like a proper lady. Her mother had attended Hogwarts before, and though she had no hate or love for the school, she had several odd experiences of her own. This suggestion, however, was turned down by Manus, as he thinks that Hogwarts was an exceptionally brilliant school, and that Queen would be as safe there as she is back at home. "Besides," he had said, "look at what happened to your son [Paras]. We've enrolled him somewhere else and look at him now! He's out there doing who knows what."
:bulletblue: Oh, she has this secret Mortimer stash-- I mean who????
:bulletblack: Animagus - She had just finished mastering the spell a few months back (it could have been a year before either). It wasn't an easy feat, as she had started attempting to do this to at a younger age to impress her expectant parents, and this was one of the things that had tired her back then. I'M GONNA EDIT THIS HOLY SHIT.

:bulletblue: Notes - this is the most convenient, along with Google Docs, as I get to reply any time then (:
:bulletblack: Skype
:bulletblue: Comments
:bulletblack: Google Docs


Big biiiig thanks to :iconredsplendence: for the invite! Idk what to do without you Red my heart is yours


Art & Queen Vanhanen (Character) [c] =shannaroooooo
Application form [c] *KDeto

Lex-Ferenda [c] *florelli
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